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2016 Pininfarina H2 Speed

2016 Pininfarina H2 Speed Featured

Its manufacturer describes the 2016 Pininfarina H2 Speed as “midway in between a racing model and a manufacturing supercar.” Two hydrogen stacks offer power to a gas cell, which powers 2 electrical motors. The powertrain is provided by GreenGT, which is called a Franco-Swiss firm that develops as well as builds “sustainable propulsion systems.”


The 2016 Pininfarina H2 Speed procedures 185 inches long, 78.7 inches large, and 42.8 inches high. In other words, it’s in fact larger than a Formula One race automobile. The general design is different as the concept resembles an LMP1 racer greater than an actual Solution One race auto. But the H2 Speed is full-blown and entirely legitimate. The low, hostile proportions are straight out of the race auto design playbook.

2016 Pininfarina H2 Speed Side
2016 Pininfarina H2 Speed Side

The smooth body is defined by a variety of vital personality characteristics, starting in the front where a set of upside-down L-shaped wings give assistance for the LED fronts lights and aids in improving the aerodynamic flow that courses throughout the car. There’s likewise a center air duct that’s flanked by two radiators. This duct networks fresh air right into the engine area to assist maintain that area at an optimum temperature level. The curved nature of the front hood and the sharp front arcs were additionally developed especially for wind resistant functions. Over on the side, a recognizable side cut was deliberately implemented to provide the racer a much more advanced structure that further highlights its racing personality.


2016 Pininfarina H2 Speed Side View
2016 Pininfarina H2 Speed Side View

The blacked-out shut cabin interior burglarizes us from seeing any information about the cabin, however viewing as this is race car, don’t expect it to have the common array of animal conveniences and technology attributes that traditional principles have. Rather, anticipate something along the lines of a racing seat, competing wheel, and a handful of telemetry systems to keep tabs on the racer’s hydrogen powertrain. Who recognizes, it could also have actually air-conditioning given that there doesn’t appear to be any sort of openings in the windscreen and home windows.

2016 Pininfarina H2 Speed Engine

2016 Pininfarina H2 Speed Tail Lights
2016 Pininfarina H2 Speed Tail Lights

GreenGT, the company that give the powertrain for the Citroen Survolt, was given the responsibility of developing the 2016 Pininfarina H2 Speed‘s powertrain. With that said task, Green GT created a full hydrogen system composed of 2 race electric motors that integrate to produce 503 horse power and a lightweight hydrogen energy cell comprised of two hydrogen tanks that could hold a total of 13.4 excess weights of hydrogen and can be re-filled in a matter of three mins. The entire setup permits the H2 Rate to run from 0 to 62 miles per hour in simply 3.4 secs to go with a full throttle of 186 miles per hour. The transmission is sent directly to the back wheels, for this reason the absence of a standard transmission. The entire system was established to remove both air as well as sound pollution. Similarly, GreenGT set up a compressor to help the hydrogen powertrain launch a various engine noise compared to other EV racers. I do not know exactly what that “sound” seems like, but with this arrangement, I don’t visualize it being louder compared to a feline’s whimper.

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