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2016 Bentley Azure Release Date

2016 Bentley Azure

2016 Bentley Azure is coming soon. Most recent addition to the 2016 lineup of the famous British high-end brand is the 2016 Bentley Azure. Despite the reports that this certain version will be getting changed by a new variation of the Bentley Mulsanne, the Azure is reportedly going to survive for a minimum of one more year. Although not a bunch of elements of the 2016 Azure will be upgraded or upgraded, some will certainly argue that it doesn’t require any type of improvements considering that it is currently near perfect.

2016 Bentley Azure Outside

2016 Bentley Azure exterior
2016 Bentley Azure exterior

The Bentley Azure will preserve considerably of its original style and also design with only a few refined enhancements to the outside. A few of the stand-out attributes that will be getting a small enhancement include carbon ceramic brakes, LED head and also tail lights and potentially the front bumper. 2016 version year will see a return of the 20 inch ally and ultra sophisticated wheels. For those not familiar with the Azure, it is an exchangeable high-end vehicle that has a top quality triple-layer fabric roof that provides exceptional sound insulation when prolonged. The roofing system needs a speedy 14 seconds to come down and supply you a stunning sight of the French Riviera, or whatever unique location you decide to take your Azure to.


2016 Bentley azure dash board
2016 Bentley azure dash board

Inside, the high-end only intensifies with fine wood accents and also elegant white leather upholstery. The log cabin offers nothing much less compared to classy and also panache. Aside from the high level of deluxe, the Azure enables plenty of leg as well as head area in both rows of seats, while the vacuum in the back is particularly sufficient. Furthermore, Bentley has actually never shied away from the most recent technological developments, as well as the Azure is no exception. This 2016 Bentley Azure will certainly include updated versions of the Naim Sound system and the infotainment system that comes with a mobile phone and also Bluetooth connection, as well as an iPod interface.


2016 Bentley Azure engine
2016 Bentley Azure engine

Bentley is yet to reveal the specific engine that will be powering the brand-new Azure, nevertheless we have a very solid concept of what that engine may be. On top of our listing is the twin-turbo 6.8 l V8 engine that is no unfamiliar person to any sort of Bentley fanatic. This engine will available in a rear-wheel drive and will certainly be able to provide regarding 500 horse power at about 4,500 rpm, as well as will certainly manage 740 lb-ft. of torque. With this amount of large power the brand-new Azure will be able to go from zero to sixty is just 5.9 secs.

Release Date and Price 2016 Bentley Azure

2016 Bentley Azure price
2016 Bentley Azure price

The Bentley Azure will go on sale in 2016, assume competently in the latter section of the year, with the official release date yet to be disclosed. The price of this new luxury convertible won’t be absolutely nothing near to cost effective, much like any sort of other vehicle from the British brand. Anticipate this 2016 Bentley Azure to start at around $370,000.

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