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2015 Dodge SRT Barracuda Price

2015 Dodge SRT Barracuda size

2015 Dodge SRT Barracuda is here.  It shows up that Chrysler Group would certainly be launching the revised 2015 Dodge SRT Barracuda . In spite of the fact that the car manufacturer are yet to decide the exact release date of this auto, it is approximated to be on the marketplace in the late 2014 or very early 2015. Below are the newest rumors, details as well as making pictures of this muscle mass auto.


2015 Dodge SRT Barracuda exterior
2015 Dodge SRT Barracuda exterior

According to reports, the 2015 Dodge SRT Barracuda will be designed with smaller and also brand-new systems when compared with the previous models. As a result of its lighter weight, which is planned to be 300 extra pounds much less compared to various other designs, it will certainly have the ability to move at a little bit faster speed. The vehicle will certainly also offer a special as well as exceptional style and look considering the truth that it will be constructed with quite beautiful coatings and also finishings.

Its sturdiness and endurance top qualities will also be ensured with the application of solid and sturdy surfaces and finishings on its exterior. Inside, the aluminum trimmings and also wrapped-leather seats would certainly be ventilated as well as warmed to make the most of the vehicle driver and also traveler convenience. The brand-new Barracuda may additionally get an advanced street competing modern technology that can help improve the using encounter.

2015 Dodge SRT Barracuda inside
2015 Dodge SRT Barracuda inside


It has been rumored that this vehicle would have 3 sorts of power systems. First, there is a 660-horsepower 6.2-liter supercharged Hemi powertrain with 4 cyndrical tubes. Second, a 580-horsepower 5.7-liter Hemi power unit with 6 cyndrical tubes and also direct injection. Also reported is a 3.6 L Pentastar 4-cylinder V-6 powertrain with direction shot that would have the ability to create power of 305 hp as well as twist of 268 lb-ft.

2015 Dodge SRT Barracuda engine
2015 Dodge SRT Barracuda engine

Every one of these power devices would certainly be incorporated with six or 7 equipments, dual clutch besides an automated transmission. The 2015 Dodge Barracuda SRT will also be provided with an electrical battery that would be able to power all power-needing systems within the vehicle varying from the entertainment systems, beginning the automobile to name a few.


With various improvements that feature this vehicle, its performance is likewise expected to be a better higher. The power units would certainly likewise be made really effective and also efficient to give off much lower amounts of co2 besides consuming power at a little bit lower prices. The automatic gears and systems suitable on this automobile also function miracles in enhancing overall performance.

The safety and security bags, trip command as well as various other major safety-oriented frameworks in the automobile likewise work that can help far better the security performance of this automobile. Various other frameworks that boost the performance of this auto are the electric batteries, double clutch as well as automated transmission.

2015 Dodge SRT Barracuda RELEASE DATE

2015 Dodge SRT Barracuda price
2015 Dodge SRT Barracuda price

Bear in mind, these are all speculations as well as rumors. Yet you know what they state: When there is numerous discussing something, it suggests that there might be some fact in all of this. Expected debut and also release date of the new 2015 Dodge SRT Barracuda is late 2014, or the start of the 2015. It price might vary in between $20,000 and also $40,000, relying on trim degrees as well as extra tools. When this auto gets launched, it will be a competitors to the various other muscle cars, such as the 2015 Ford Mustang, brand-new Charger, Pontiac Trans Am.

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